CfP: Human Rights Fund Embassy of the Netherlands to Serbia and Montenegro (Deadline: N/A)

CfP: Netherlands’ Funds for Regional Partnerships (NFRP) Matra (Deadline: N/A)
October 15, 2019
People on the Move, Lives on Hold: A Mapping of Donors Active in the Western Balkans Published!
October 15, 2019

The Human Rights Fund (HRF) is a tool of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands used to support activities around the world with the common goal of achieving tangible results in the field of human rights. The policy priorities of the Netherlands are set in the human rights strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Justice and Respect for All. In line with this strategy, the human rights priorities for Serbia and Montenegro have been set as follows: Freedom of expression; Equal rights for LGBTI; Equal rights for women. Projects should be implemented by local civil society organizations involved in the aforementioned human rights themes. The amount of the budget requested should be between EUR 15.000 and EUR 40.000 on average. Read more here.

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