Accountability Lab: The Cost(s) of Being Small & Accountable

Intrac’s Accountability Paper Published!
October 15, 2019
The Global Accountability Week 2019- Our Work is Only Beginning!
October 15, 2019

Accountability is much more than procedures – registration, compliance and financial management. It is also about justice and equality; centering communities at the heart of organizations’ work; values-based decision-making; responsible leadership and much more. It is about everything from paying for child care and ensuring shared parental leave; to supporting learning opportunities for our partners; to ensuring security- physical, mental and emotional- of our staff. The challenges are multi-faceted and numerous and often, ensuring the most basic accountability measures can be extremely difficult with dozens of tasks competing for staff members’ time. First, knowing what best practice accountability looks like; second, finding the time to develop and operationalize these accountability practices; and finally, how to pay for these. Read more here.

Source: Accountability Lab

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