Empowering Civil Society for National Reporting and Action on SDG16

Towards a Thriving, Credible, and Sustainable Youth Civil Society
August 30, 2019
Macedonia: Call for Civil Society to Contribute to the Preparation of the Government Annual Work Program for 2020
August 30, 2019

The “Empowering Civil Society for Monitoring and Action on SDG16” features a compilation of national civil society case studies and civil society spotlight reports on SDG16. It provides analysis of a range of approaches and methodologies utilized by civil society for implementation and monitoring of SDG16 by civil society, specifically with regards to drafting and disseminating of spotlight reports. The report also examines gaps, challenges, and opportunities for robust accountability at all levels, and provides key recommendations for enhancing civil society monitoring and action going forward. It is divided into four distinct sections that showcase ongoing civil society work to implement and monitor SDG16, and also provide analysis and policy recommendations to help improve action around SDG16 in 2019 and beyond. Read more here.

Source: TAP Network

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