CONCORD’s Views on EU Support to Sustainable Development Worldwide

EESC Calls for a More Enabling Environment for Philanthropy
August 30, 2019
How to Save Foreign Aid in the Age of Populism
August 30, 2019

The SDGs and targets are indivisible and interlinked whereby progress on one goal can contribute to another or, in contrast, could undermine efforts in another. According to CONCORD, the recognition of civil society’s diverse roles – as stated in the 2012 EC Communication – has not always been backed coherently. For that reason, it is crucial to: Strengthen a structured dialogue with a diverse range of CSOs and mechanisms for inclusion and genuine participation of civil society, supported by the EU Country Roadmaps process;  Adapt funding modalities to the context and diversity of civil society, including small CSOs and CSOs representing specific groups that are often overlooked by funders; Secure long-term funding for civil society and support partnerships, networking, capacity building and peer-learning, applying the Istanbul Principles and similar codes in a spirit of shared responsibilities, mutual trust and accountability. Read more here.


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