Assessing the Legal Environment for CSOs

Impact Case Studies: Promoting an Enabling Environment for Philanthropy and Civil society
August 30, 2019
Serbia: Brazen Threats against Critics of the Government Signals a Closing of Spaces for Dissent
August 30, 2019

Freedom of association, as recognized in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and numerous regional treaties, provides a legal basis for the protection of CSOs, including philanthropy organizations. Unfortunately, there are myriad ways in which local legal frameworks fail to protect this right and do not provide an enabling legal environment for CSOs. The tool is designed to help philanthropy organizations decide where it may be most effective to engage in efforts to improve this legal environment. Divided in three parts, aims to help organizations think critically about a variety of relevant factors and weigh different considerations. The first part focuses on information gathering. The next two parts of the tool are designed to use this information that you gather to help you assess opportunities for engagement. Read more here.

Source: ICNL

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