Shifting Power and Resources to Grassroots Movements

CfP: Small Grants for Non-Governmental Organizations to Support the Achievement of Democracy and the Rule of Law in Montenegro (Deadline: 4 September)
August 15, 2019
Development Co-operation Report
August 15, 2019

The question of how grassroots groups and activists based in the global south can mobilise adequate support to overcome the growing challenges they face and achieve positive change is a serious one that requires our attention. These groups face significant challenges in accessing key resources (financial and otherwise) to sustain their work. This consultation is an attempt to move conversations forward at a practical level, exploring options that, pulled together, could help start a radical transformation in the range and quality of resources accessible to grassroots groups. As well as sense-checking the relevance, appeal and feasibility of emerging concepts, the process itself has been significant. The early explorations have directly engaged the groups needed to be better resourced, including a cross-section of grassroots activists, the financial arms of social movements and other strategic partners. Read more here.


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