Draft Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to Member States on the Human Rights Impacts of Algorithmic Systems- Invitation to Comment by 19 August 2019

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August 15, 2019
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August 15, 2019

The Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI) invites comments from the public on one draft text that was prepared by one of its sub-ordinate bodies and is meant to be adopted by the Committee of Ministers in early 2020. The draft recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the human rights impacts of algorithmic systems was prepared by the Committee of Experts on Human Rights Dimensions of Automated Data Processing and Different Forms of Artificial Intelligence (MSI-AUT). The experts will meet again in September to review all comments received and to finalise the draft ahead of its review by the CDMSI in December. Read more here.

Source: Council of Europe

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