CfP: Awarding Grants for Implementation of Activities for Better Understanding of the EU Accession Process – Macedonia (Deadline: 16 September 2019)

CfP: BTD- Strengthening EU Integration in North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia (Deadline: N/A)
August 15, 2019
CfP: Grant Scheme for Civil Society Support Programme – III- EU member states, Turkey (Deadline: 17 September 2019)
August 15, 2019

FOSM renews the call for grants for CSOs for implementation of projects that will enable a better understanding of the EU accession process of the Republic of North Macedonia. This general goal is to support reform processes in the areas of fight against corruption, judiciary and prevention and protection against discrimination, as priorities in the EU accession process. The total fund of the grant scheme is 105,000 US dollars, and the individual amount per grant can range from 5,000 to 7,000 US dollars. The time period for implementation of the project activities is 6 months, starting from November 2019. Read more here.

Source: Foundation Open Society Macedonia

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