CfA: Stanford-ICNL Tech Camp for Civic Space Defenders, 2-4 February, Paolo Alto (Deadline: 1 September)

CfA: International Youth Forum on Peace, Social Justice & SDGs 14-15 September, Chenai, India (Deadline: 24 August 2019)
August 15, 2019
CfA: Strengthening Youth Capacities for Peace and Security, 15-22 September 2019, Mollina (Deadline:18 August)
August 15, 2019

Stanford’s Global Digital Policy Incubator and the International Center for Not-forProfit Law invite CSOs working on questions such as: the legal framework for civil society and philanthropy which are curious how AI and machine learning, facial recognition technology, and how big data will transform society on Tech Camp for Civic Space Defenders. Curriculum will include:  An introduction to AI, machine learning, and other digital technologies;Discussions on how digital technologies can be used to enable or restrict civil society and philanthropy, as well as the freedoms of association, expression, and assembly (“civic space”); Analysis of how various national internet regulations and international digital policy initiatives impact civic space; and Interactive sessions on how to advocate for digital technology policies and utilize digital tools and practices that expand civic space. Read more here.

Source: ICNL

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