NEW! Balkan Civic Practices: Resilience through Togetherness

Statement: Macedonia’s adoption of Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights
July 4, 2019
Report on Enabling Environment for Civil Society in Macedonia Presented: Improvement for the First Time in Six Years
July 11, 2019

We are proud to present you the new Balkan Civic Practices edition that aims to reflect on the International Civil Society Week 2019, co-hosted by CIVICUS, Civic Initiatives and the Balkan Civil Society Development Network in Belgrade in April 2019. This edition brings together professionals, academics and activists from the BCSDN and its partners in the region, to debate what can be done to promote civic space in the Western Balkan countries and further.

The second Balkan Civic Practices edition shares stories of CSOs actions in times of shrinking civic space in the Balkans and the wider Europe. From joint action by building national and transnational, thematic and cross-sector alliances, to creating synergies between traditional civil society organizations and non-formal social movements, the contributions of this edition give valuable practical examples of successful actions towards promoting civic space and preventing its further shrinking, while also discussing innovative organizational development approaches centered around resilience, accountability and powerful narratives to empower civil society in this struggle.

All comments, ideas for collaboration and any feedback is welcomed at Enjoy the read!

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