CfA: We Make Democracy: Youth for Participation and Inclusion – 15-20 September 2019, Zürich (Deadline: 28.06.2019)

CfA: Human Rights Advocacy Program, New York (Deadline 16.12.2019)
July 1, 2019
CfA: 17th International Youth Conference – 26-30 September 2019, Krusevo (Deadline: 25.08.2019)
July 1, 2019

The Swiss National Youth Council is organizing an international activity for youth participation and civil society with a focus on informal and local forms of organization. We make democracy – Youth for participation and inclusion is a project where young people from 8 countries (Western Balkans, Switzerland and Moldova) will share their models of youth organization and inclusion of young people in social processes. Two main approaches will be applied: Improving the inclusion of youth groups with disabilities for inclusion in a local context, and Role and involvement of external organizations as a link between Switzerland and partner countries for improving synergies between youth organizations. Read more (in local language) here.


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