Croatia: Civil Society Strategy in Limbo Puts at Risk CSOs’ Financial Sustainability

States and Declining Civic Spaces
June 16, 2019
Freedom House: Widespread Corruption, Freedom of Expression Declining in the Western Balkans
June 16, 2019

In the spring of 2016, the Council for Civil Society Development initiated the process of drafting the National Strategy for the Creation of an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development 2017-2021. However, due to the refusal of the Ministry of Labour and Pension System to provide comments, the National Strategy has been in the works for long enough to become obsolete, while the time for meaningful implementation is running out. CSOs in Croatia, who were already subjected to strategies of financial exhaustion in 2016 by the previous Government, are obviously being undermined again by administrative malfeasance and stalling tactics employed by the Government. Apart from CSOs themselves, the victims of the process will be the same ideals proclaimed by the Government that is conducting the process – transparency, public accountability and good governance. Read more here

Source: Civic Space Watch

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