EESD Opinion Adopted: Resilient Democracy through a Strong and Diverse Civil Society

Council of the EU Approves EU Human Rights Guidelines on Non-Discrimination in External Action
April 1, 2019
World Movement Submits General Comment on the Right to Peaceful Assembly and Association
April 1, 2019

On 20 March, the EESC adopted its own-initiated opinion, concluding that liberal democracy relies on civil liberties and a pluralistic civil society, but considerable political forces in today’s Europe are challenging liberal democracy. The social, political and legal framework must allow for a pluralistic civil society. Strong social partners and civil society are needed to defend EU values. The EESC calls for the creation of a Democracy Semester, a European control mechanism, corrective economic measures for non-respect of fundamental EU values, the creation of a European statute for CSOs, or interinstitutional CSO authorisation and, tax incentives to support civil society. Burning social questions must be tackled, ensuring social sustainability and inclusive education. Read more here

Source: European Economic and Social Committee

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