Insights on the Future of European Philanthropy and Social Investment Infrastructure

Amnesty: EU Complicit in Violence and Abuse by Croatian Police Against Refugees and Migrants
March 13, 2019
Historic Day For Whistleblowers as EU Agrees Pathbreaking Legislation
March 13, 2019

This recent study by Beyond Philanthropy is the result of an in-depth reflection of the philanthropy and social investment sector in Europe. It is an exploration into what is happening in this field around the world. It is also based on the day to day experiences of a broad spectrum of stakeholders. We, the six foundations that backed the study, are all supporters of the European Philanthropy and Social Investment Infrastructure. As active participants in the sector, the six foundations that backed the study, have recognized changes driven by overall trends on the European continent. Digitization is among them, as this study confirms. Others are new forms of collaboration, the increased segmentation of a growing sector and a changing political climate. This study confirms and reflects on the impact of these trends on our work in Europe. Read more here.

Source: Beyond Philanthropy

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