A Guide to Hope Based Communication

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March 2, 2019
Global Assault on CSOs Reaches Crisis Point as New Laws Curb Vital Human Rights Work
March 2, 2019

For a human rights movement dedicated to exposing abuses, positive communication does not come naturally. But to make the case for human rights, we cannot rely on fear of a return to the dark past, we need to promise a brighter future. Hope is a pragmatic strategy, informed by history, communications experts, organizers neuroscience and cognitive linguistics. It can be applied to any strategy or campaign. By grounding your communications from the values you stand for and a vision of the world you want to see, hope-based communications is an antidote to debates that seem constantly framed to favor your opponents, so that you can design actions that set the agenda rather than constantly reacting to external events. Read more here.

Source: Open Global Rights

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