The 2019 Nonprofit Employment Report

Civil Society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Preparation and Response
February 1, 2019
Journalists Ensnared by National Security Legislation
February 1, 2019

This report presents new data on employment and wages in private, nonprofit establishments in the United States from 2007 through 2016. Information of the sort can be of enormous importance to sector leaders, government policy-makers, and citizens at large. What these data show, among other things, is that nonprofit organizations are a far more sizable economic force than is commonly appreciated. They employ millions of people, generate huge wage payments that in turn lead to substantial income and sale tax revenues for state and federal governments, and save governments further costs through programs that reduce the incidence of a wide variety of social ills, from drug addiction to crime, and spousal abuse. Read more here.

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

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