Measuring Changes in Accountability

Trends in Closing Space Grant-Making
January 2, 2019
A CSO Playbook to Reclaim Civic Space: Version 1.0
January 2, 2019

The aim of the Resilient Roots initiative is to test whether organisations who are more accountable and responsive to their roots – namely, their primary constituents – are more resilient to external threats from governmental and non-governmental sources. We believe that if civil society is accountable to and engaged with its constituency, it will be able to rely more upon them to come to its defence, bridge resourcing gaps, and safeguard its long-term sustainability when it is under political or structural attack. This article focuses on improving civil society accountability and determining its relationship with resilience, and in particular, the approach the Resilient Roots team is taking to measure changes in accountability over the course of the initiative among the pilot partners. Read more here.


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