How to Reverse the Trend of State Capture in the Western Balkans

BiH: Open Call for Members in the Advisory Body of the Council of Ministers for Cooperation with NGOs
January 2, 2019
CfA: Atlas Corps Fellowship (Deadline: 28.02.2019)
January 15, 2019

The European Union has recently noted elements of state capture in the entire region of the Western Balkans. The term ‘state capture’ implies a state of widespread corruption in which the Government and public institutions are used, both through legal and illegal channels, to pump out public resources for private gain. The European Union has thus recognised the need to monitor more effectively the Rule of law reforms in countries that are seeking membership. This could be achieved by relying on the positive example of the so-called Priebe Report, prepared by a group of independent experts led by Reinhard Priebe, retired Director of the European Commission. Read more here.

Source: PrEUgovor

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