CfP: United Nations Democracy Fund (Deadline: 15.01.2018)

CfP: Europeans for Peace: Promoting International Exchange Projects for Young People (Deadline: 14.01.2018)
January 2, 2019
Win, Lose, or Draw: How US Aid Priorities Fared in 2018
January 2, 2019

UNDEF supports projects that strengthen the voice of civil society, promote human rights, and encourage the participation of all groups in democratic processes. In its 13th round of funding, UNDEF particularly welcomes proposals in the areas of gender; rule of law; media; or electoral processes focusing on elections scheduled for 2020 at the earliest. In principle, UNDEF grants will be allocated for projects with default duration of two years. Grant allocations will be of a minimum of USD 100.000 and not exceed USD 300.000 for any given project. More information is available here.

Source: UNDEF

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