Human Rights Defenders and Civic Freedoms Essential for Profitable Business, Say Major Companies

Civil Society Space in Humanitarian Action
December 15, 2018
Proposed EU Terrorist Regulation Threatens Free Expression
December 15, 2018

Governments and investors everywhere should take notice today as a group of major brands call for protecting human rights defenders and civic freedoms, which are under attack across the world. The statement is the first of its kind, with supporters including Unilever, adidas, Primark, ABN AMRO, Anglo American, Leber Jeweler, Domini and the Investors Alliance on Human Rights, and stresses that when human rights defenders are under attack, so is sustainable and profitable business. Since 2015, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre has tracked more than 1,300 attacks on activists working on human rights issues related to business.  Now, these voices have been joined by a group of powerful allies: well-known brands and investors who are vocal about how they, too, depend on the rule of law, accountable governance, stable investment environments and respect for human rights. Read more here.

Source: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

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