Expression Agenda Report 2017/2018: Global Decline in Freedom of Expression

Proposed EU Terrorist Regulation Threatens Free Expression
December 15, 2018
Civic Initiatives Published a 5-Year Analysis on Shrinking Civic Space in Serbia
December 15, 2018

The global state of freedom of expression and information is at its lowest point for ten years, according to Article19 Expression Agenda 17/18. The price for speaking out and protecting the right to freedom of expression around the world is high. With 78 journalists and 312 human rights defenders murdered in 2017, many more incarcerated, protests met with violence and online behaviour ever-more restricted, we are witnessing a global crisis for freedom of expression. Power holders across the world are increasingly denigrating dissent as treason and ‘fake news’, seeking to silence those that challenge them. The Expression Agenda (XpA) metric shows that global freedom of expression has declined significantly over the last three years. Read more here.

Source: Article 19

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