CfA: Call for ICSW Local Events Hosts from the Western Balkans (Deadline: 31.12.2019)

CfA: Call for Papers – Regional Conference Religion in Western Balkan Societies (Deadline: 20.01.2019)
December 15, 2018
CfP: Second RYCO Open Call (Deadline: 25.01.2019)
December 15, 2018

BCSDN, in cooperation with CIVICUS and Civic Initiatives, and with support from the Balkan Trust for Democracy, is launching a call for ICSW/local events in the Western Balkans to bring diverse civil society and community perspectives into the global conversations at the International Civil Society Week 2019. CSOs from the region are invited to apply for hosting a local event in their countries, and ensure “The Power of Togetherness” reaches the grassroots. The 2019 International Civil Society Week (ICSW) will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 8-12 April, connecting participants across sectors, themes, regions and backgrounds to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. More information is available here.

Source: BCSDN

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