Satellite Account on Non-profit and Related Institutions and Volunteer Work

Successful Conclusion of the Global Accountability Week
December 1, 2018
Review on International Standards Relating to Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for NGOs
December 1, 2018

Capping a three-year process, the United Nations Statistics Division has released the final edited version of the United Nations Satellite Account on Nonprofit and Related Institutions and Volunteer Work —a groundbreaking statistical guidance manual for nations to use to generate solid data on the world’s third, or social economy, sector—the TSE Sector. This Handbook offers comprehensive methodological guidance for creating a coherent satellite account on the (TSE) sector, which embraces three components: NPIs that are not controlled by government; certain related institutions that are not controlled by government, including eligible cooperatives, mutual societies and social enterprises; and volunteer work. Read more here.

Source: United Nations Statistics Division

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