Montenegro: The Government Denies Financial Support to NGOs, says CRNVO

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November 1, 2018
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November 15, 2018

The government violated the Law on Amendments to NGOs in all segments of financial support to NGOs and disassembled this process, said Ana Novakovic, CRNVO Executive Director. As Novakovic said, the Law obliges ministries that will finance projects of NGOs, by 1 June of the current year, to propose priority areas for financing in the next year, and to consult them with NGOs. However, no ministry in 2018 published a sectoral analyzes within the deadline stipulated by the law. Moreover, the Government is obliged to issue a Decision on priority areas of public interest in which NGO projects will be financed. Yet, since the Government has still not done this, it continues the long-standing practice of violations and neglect of obligations arising from the Law on NGOs in the part of financing NGOs. Read more (in local language) here.

Source: CRNVO | RTCG

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