Informing the “Disinformation” Debate

ECNL Handbook on Registering a CSO
November 1, 2018
OHCHR Guidelines for States on the Effective Implementation of the Right to Participate in Public Affairs
November 1, 2018

In a joint report, Access Now, Civil Liberties Union for Europe and European Digital Rights have evaluated the Report of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online, as well as related EU policy documents, to address the issue of the intentional dissemination of information that is designed to have an impact on democracy, journalism and civic space. The analysis looks at currently proposed or implemented responses to disinformation, such as fact-checking, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, or limiting anonymity, but goes on to provide more meaningful solutions, such as controlling online manipulation as a business model, preventing the misuse of personal data in elections and media and information literacy. Read the report here.

Source: Liberties

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