AidWatch Report 2017: EU Pushes Aid Commitment up to 2052

First Anniversary of the Western Balkans Fund
November 1, 2018
CfP: EU PRO “Piecing Together“– Serbia (Deadline: 05.12.2018)
November 1, 2018

The EU could take a generation to meet the 0.7% ODA/GNI target at the current rate of growth, reveals the recently published CONCORD AidWatch Report 2017. While 2016 saw a substantial increase of 27% in development spending, there has also been a relatively dramatic increase in reporting of inflated aid, such as in-donor costs or debt relief. Over the last 5 years, Official Development Assistance from EU has increased by 27%, yet the nature of the spendings tell another story. In 2016, the spending costs for migrants, refugees and securitisation, all reported as aid, increased by 43 % compared to 2015. But this type of spending, also known as inflated aid, either never leaves the EU and is spent in-house or illustrates the conditions imposed by the EU on third countries. At the same time, the amount of aid that reaches Least Developed Countries continues to decrease. Read more here.

Source: CONCORD Europe

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