Monitoring Matrix Methodology Workshop Held in Skopje

Macedonia: Government Strategy for Cooperation with and Development of Civil Society Adopted
October 15, 2018
Serbian CSOs Ask Authorities to Ensure Rule of Law and Enabling Civic Space are Respected
November 1, 2018

After months of consulting with an external expert in providing guidance to unify the MM methodology and to come up with future steps for the MM implementation, on 29-30 October in Skopje, a methodology workshop on the Monitoring Matrix was organized. At the workshop, BCSDN members implementing the Matrix discussed the consultant’s recommendations on how to make the implementation of the MM research and analysis effective and resulted in an action plan on how to unify the approach in research, based on implementing a two-year cycle of reporting, and concrete action points on improving the scoring exercise, the report presentation and engagement.

With the planned changes, to be implemented in the coming year, BCSDN members will continue implementing the Monitoring Matrix, as one of the core and most valuable activities of the network in the area of enabling environment for civil society development.

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