Montenegro: CSOs Demand the Ministry of Public Administration to Open a Call for Cofinancing of EU Projects

Presentation of the CSOSI 2017 Report for Macedonia
October 3, 2018
Macedonia: Government Strategy for Cooperation with and Development of Civil Society Adopted
October 15, 2018

The Coalition Saradnjom do Cilja (Co-operation to the goal), which consists of 100 NGOs, demands from the Ministry of Public Administration to urgently announce a call for co-financing projects and programs of NGOs financed from EU funds, and thus fulfill its legal obligation. The Government of Montenegro has adopted a Regulation on the procedure of co-financing projects and programs supported by EU funds, which was expected in January but was delayed for eight months. The Coalition points out that this delay should not be the reason for the call for co-financing not to be published this year, as beneficiaries of NGO projects and programs must not suffer due to the inefficiency of the Government in the performance of their duties. Read more here.

Source: Koalicia Saradnjom do cilja

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