Macedonia’s Model of Inclusion of CSOs in the Accession Negotiations

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August 15, 2018
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October 1, 2018

A new discussion paper by Ivan Nikolovski from IDSCS aims to incite a discussion between the Macedonian government and civil society over the model of inclusion of civil society in the accession talks. It elaborates the models of inclusion of CSOs in the accession negotiations of Serbia and Montenegro – two Western Balkan countries currently negotiating with the EU. The main difference between Serbia and Montenegro in this respect is that in the case of the latter civil society is directly included in the country’s negotiating structure, while in the case of the former CSOs are only engaged in a non-binding consultative process with the country’s authorities through the parliament. Through a comparative analysis, it then concludes with a discussion on the variants of the Macedonian model of civil society inclusion. Read more here.

Source: IDSCS

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