2017 Albania’s Report on Enabling Environment is Available Now

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August 1, 2018
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Partners Albania published the 2017 country report for Albania based on the Monitoring Matrix
on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development.

The 2017 report highlights the contradictory data on the registration of CSOs: The court of the first instance of Tirana has registered around 7,383 CSOs, while only 4,136 are registered with the Tax Administration. The findings also suggest that although a slight improvement in communication with tax officials has been noticed, the understanding of the non-profit nature of CSOs remains unclear. In 2017, no improvement in tax legislation applicable to CSOs has taken place. The recent approval of the Road Map for Drafting Policy and Measures for Enabling Environment for Civil Society and the Establishment of the National Council for Civil Society has not lived up to the expectations of CSOs, as none of the proposed actions has been implemented so far. Although there is an improvement in the transparency of municipalities, the cooperation between CSOs and local government still needs to be improved. 

More information on the analysis, conclusions, and recommendations is available here.

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