Evidence-based and Inclusive Policy-making in the Western Balkans: What Role for Think tanks and Other Policy-orientated CSOs?

Civil Society Forum – Recommendations about the Berlin Process at the London Summit
July 16, 2018
Call for Nominations of CSOs Representatives in the Council for Cooperation of State Administration Bodies and Non-Governmental Organizations In Montenegro (Deadline: 23.07.2018)
July 16, 2018

The Policy Brief produced by the European Policy Center Belgrade and Think for Europe Network aims to shed light on an insufficiently enabling, often even disabling, environment for the work of civil society organizations (CSOs) from the region. It does so by providing a comparative overview of CSOs involvement in the policymaking in different countries across the Western Balkans (WB), whilst also identifying the limitations of the very policymaking processes in the WB. Finally, as the accession process of the region accelerates, the paper shows how CSOs can use the EU’s more credible enlargement commitment to move beyond the unfavourable situation and increase their impact on policymaking. The full publication is available here.

Source: Think for Europe Network

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