Peace and Security in 2018: An Evaluation of EU Peacebuilding in the Western Balkans

CfA: 2018 CSO Open Days in Croatia – 24-26 May (Extended Deadline: 18.05.2018)
May 15, 2018
EESC 9th Civil Society Days: The Digital Era Needs Human Skills and a Proper Legal Environment
June 1, 2018

This first thematic study of the Peace and Security series focuses on EU peacebuilding efforts in the Western Balkans. The study assesses the extent to which the Union has been able to transform and strengthen the region’s governance, economy and resilience. It is organised around three key inter-connected phases in EU post-conflict peacebuilding − stabilisation, state-building and EU enlargement − to explain the strengths, weaknesses and limits of EU engagement. It ends with an assessment of the new EU strategy for the Western Balkans and analyses the potential to remedy past deficiencies and help move the region towards genuine, inclusive and sustainable peace. Read more here.

 Source: European Parliament

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