Arrests, Detentions and Murders: Crackdown on Media in Turkey Continues

CoE Opinion on the Romanian draft Law 140/2017 on Associations and Foundations: Serious Shortcomings as Regards Compliance with International Standards
December 15, 2017
Regional Monitoring Matrix Report Presented at the EESC Study Group meeting
December 15, 2017

As featured on the CIVICUS Monitor, Turkey’s unrelenting clampdown on civil society throughout 2017 has been widely condemned. In keeping with this trend of repression, on 17th October 2017 the Turkish Parliament extended emergency powers for the fifth time since July 2016. The legislation effectively enables Turkish authorities to suspend civic freedoms and permits the expedited passage of decrees without parliamentary review. As detailed in the latest CIVICUS Monitor update, the far-reaching crackdown on civic space has continued unabated, with a particular emphasis on restrictions to freedom of expression. Some of the emblematic cases from the last few months are detailed below. At the time of writing, Turkey remains on the CIVICUS Monitor’s Watch List of countries where there is an immediate and developing threat to civic space. Read more here.

Source: CIVICUS Monitor

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