Global Campaigning: What’s Working, Not Working (so well) and What’s Missing

Scaling Civic Tech: Paths to a Sustainable Future
November 15, 2017
Western Balkans and the EU: Fresh Wind in the Sails of Enlargement
November 15, 2017

Over 110 social change campaigners from nearly 40 countries around the world gathered at CampaignCon 2017 in Johannesburg, 7-9 November, to learn, share experiences and build the skills to grow movements and win bigger. How to transform couch activists into actual activists was one of the first things social change campaigners agreed they needed to solve. Diverse activists from South Africa to Singapore, led by a Global South majority, converged to unpack strategies, tactics, and tools they use today in roles ranging from technology leadership to mobilisation. As a discussion on the global state of campaigning unfolded, common themes crossed geographic and programmatic boundaries, giving insight into how practitioners all over the world are working. To know where campaigning needs to go to win, the first step was to find out where everyone had been, and this was done by unpacking three fields: What is working well? What isn’t and could be done better? What’s missing entirely or still needed? Read what they found here.

Source: World Bank

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