Analysis of State Funding of CSOs at the Central Level in Macedonia

Draft Model for Reforming the Public Funding System in Macedonia
November 15, 2017
FATF Recommendation 8 on Non-Profits: Mapping Key Findings and Recommendations for WB Countries
November 29, 2017

In the period 2013-2016, an average of 270 mil MKD (approx. 4.4 mil EUR and 0.14% of the total budget expenditures of the Republic of Macedonia) per year are allocated to CSOs from the state budget mainly through the budget line 463. The allocation of budget funds is carried out by the General Secretariat of the Government through the Department for Cooperation with NGOs (4%) and, on average, 10 different state administration bodies (96%). A significant part of the budget funds are provided by games of chance and entertainment games (29% -39%). The analysis, prepared by MCIC, examines the existing model of state funding for CSOs in Macedonia in this period, with regard to the legal framework and the practice of the state administration bodies. The analysis is based on information obtained from an online questionnaire, which was answered by 254 CSOs, and desk research on legislation (laws and secondary legislation). More information (in local language) is available here.

Source: MCIC

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