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The AidWatch Report 2017 Is Coming
October 15, 2017
How Should States Manage Assemblies in the New Age of Protest?
October 15, 2017

Last year, the Social Sector Accelerator and CIVICUS reviewed 50 different donors and platforms undertaking ‘partner qualification’ – the process by which they determine whether a nonprofit makes a sound partner. Every platform or donor reviewed relied on one of three things to aid them in basic qualification – an external database or registry, an external service or documentation of legal registration and matching bank account information provided by their grantees. But beyond basic verification of an organization’s status (such as tax exemption or banking status), few donors or platforms have automated the more substantial parts of their partner qualification process. Most other platforms rely on a basic technology infrastructure and the human resources in their grants and programs offices. Thus, their identified solution is to use business intelligence tools and technologies to gather and share information on organizations applying for funding, as this can go further than the other approaches to unclog the qualification bottleneck and increase the number and diversity of groups who receive funding. Read more here.

Source: Social Sector Accelerator

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