Turkey’s Crackdown on International NGOs

Public Consultations on Draft Strategy for Promoting an Enabling Environment for Civil Society in Montenegro
October 1, 2017
Montenegro: Strategy for NGOs without Answers to Key Questions
November 1, 2017

Over the past year, Turkish authorities have grown increasingly suspicious of foreign nongovernmental organizations operating on their soil and have begun enforcing long-ignored regulations. A series of detentions and the expulsion of Mercy Corps earlier this year have rattled the aid community in Turkey. At the same time, mounting bureaucratic obstacles are threatening NGOs’ ability to operate: the Turkish government has allowed permits to lapse, leaving organizations in legal limbo and employees at risk of deportation. With little official indication as to what’s behind the crackdown, aid organizations are unsure how to adapt. Many have taken to lobbying the Turkish government while drawing up contingency plans. Several NGOs with expired permits have taken a wait-and-see approach, hoping the issue is one of an overwhelmed bureaucracy. A handful have made the risky decision to continue their work without legal permission. Read more here.

Source: Devex

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