The Participation Revolution

Atlantic Philanthropies Publication Outlines Founder’s Vision of ‘Giving While Living’
October 1, 2017
Public Consultations on Draft Strategy for Promoting an Enabling Environment for Civil Society in Montenegro
October 1, 2017

The falling levels of public trust in public institutions we see all over the world should be a wake-up call for those of us who support open government. But to rebuild trust we need to rebuild governance from the ground up, and put citizens (back) at the heart of institutions, writes CIVICUS Secretary General, Danny Sriskandarajah. Sadly, many policymakers have acted as if participation is their gift to bestow upon constituents. The open government movement has successfully nudged policymakers toward improving how they share information and engage with certain sections of civil society, but almost all of the first-wave innovations have been supply-led. Governments have become too comfortable with delivering incremental changes. Putting PDF reports online or inviting select civil society representatives to consultations is a good start but nowhere near enough to reverse the negative momentum on trust. Read more here.

Source: Open Government Partnership

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