Nonprofits: The DNA of Democracy

CfA: International Cooperation and Development Forum – 16 October, Istanbul (Deadline: 31.10.2017)
September 15, 2017
Explaining Civil Society Development: A Social Origins Approach
September 15, 2017

Recently, a prominent consulting firm asked several nonprofit leaders for feedback on the advocacy strategy that the company had developed for a large foundation. The meeting opened with one consultant asking, “Is it really necessary to involve the public in advocacy, and if so when? Wouldn’t it just be easier to get the one guy working for the legislator to move the bill in the way we want?” The assumptions behind these questions are mind-boggling, among them the notion that public participation in community problem solving is optional rather than necessary; that “one guy” is enough to move policies into law; and that lobbying is the only form of advocacy. Compounding the surreal nature of the meeting was a set of decision-making trees the firm had designed to help foundations assess when in the process public participation would be most productive. Read more here.

Source: Non-profit Quarterly

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