Enabling Environment for Civil Society in Macedonia 2016: Further Increased Gap between Legislation and Practice

CIVICUS Monitor Report: People Power under Attack
April 14, 2017
Montenegro: CSOs Demand Withdrawal of Draft Law on NGOs and Law on Games of Chance
May 1, 2017

According to the recently published Monitoring Matrix Report for Macedonia 2016, Macedonian civil society, despite the challenges of the prolonged and deepened political crisis in 2016, continued to work on a solid legal framework. However, the increased inconsistencies in the implementation of the legal framework resulted in setting back the potential for development and sustainability of civil society. In the area of Basic Freedoms (freedom of association, assembly, and expression), the situation has deteriorated notably in comparison to previous years. CSOs faced an increased number of indirect forms of pressure through inspections and media propaganda. The framework for financial viability of civil society in Macedonia remained unchanged, hampering the work of CSOs and limiting their potential for development. The basis provided in the LAF for CSOs to obtain tax benefits is still not functional. Direct budget support for CSOs remains to be a potentially significant source of funding for CSOs, but complete and systematic reform is lacking. Partnership between the government and civil society remains undeveloped. Read the full Monitoring Matrix Report on Macedonia 2016 here.

Source: MCIC

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