Montenegro: Amendments to Law on Games of Chance Adopted without CSO Consultation – Call for CSO Action

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April 7, 2017
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April 14, 2017

At the Government session on 30 March, without any consultation with civil society and with no prior notification, the Montenegrin Government adopted the draft amendments to the Law on Games of Chance which stipulates termination of the Fund for financing CSO projects. The CSO Coalition “Saradnjom do cilja” invites all CSOs in Montenegro to oppose this action by the Government and call for withdrawing the Law from parliamentary procedures and conducting additional consultations with civil society and with the participation of the President and Vice-President of the Montenegrin Government. According to the Coalition, this act is a clear pressure on civil society and the public needs to be informed about the effects of the adoption of this Law to the society. Interested CSOs are invited to express support for the initiative by submitting an email to, latest until 17 April (14h local time).

Source: CRNVO

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