Closing of Balkan Civil Society Acquis: Enabling Environment Placed at the Forefront of the CSDev Discourse

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March 31, 2017
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The IPA FPA project “Balkan Civil Society Acquis – Strengthening the Advocacy and Monitoring Potential and Capacities of CSOs”, implemented in the countries of Western Balkans and Turkey by the members of the Balkan Civil Society Development Network and supported by the European Commission and the Balkan Trust for Democracy, has come to an end after four years of successful implementation (1st December, 2012 and 31st December, 2016).

The project worked on strengthening of CSOs capacities on issues related to enabling environment and sustainability of civil society at regional and country level and strengthening structures for CSOs integration and participation in EU policy and accession processes at European and country level. The main results and achievements of the project are presented here, while the full narrative report is available here.

Balkan CS Acquis’s greatest achievement is succeeding to change the discourse on civil society development, bringing enabling environment at its forefront and bringing this issue closer both to policy-makers in the region, the EU and different donors, as well as to CSOs throughout the countries who have understood and engaged in more in-depth work on specific EE issues. Strong support to the project efforts from the EC, EUDs, the EESC, and at times a strong Governmental support, has led to involving civil society actors in structured cooperation with the EU institutions, as well as with the Governments in the reforms of civil society-related policies on a national level.

We would like to thank all our partners, supporters and contributors for the joint efforts to create a more enabling environment for civil society in the countries and we hope that the existing cooperation will result with further mutual benefits in building democracy in our region.

Lastly, we invite you to watch the BCSDN documentary for more details on the work of the network and our achievements over the years.


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