Latest Monitoring Matrix Reports Testing a New Visualization Feature

Joint CSO Report on Key Elements of the Human Rights Situation in Serbia
March 14, 2017
Closing of Balkan Civil Society Acquis: Enabling Environment Placed at the Forefront of the CSDev Discourse
April 7, 2017

We are proud to announce that the new Monitoring Matrix 2016 Reports on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development for all seven countries are now available on the MM platform, some of them accompanied for the first time by a visual presentation of the findings. The reports present the developments in EE in 2016, outlining the key conclusions and recommendations for improvement. Furthermore, they contain direct formulations which address the EU Guidelines indicators.

The novelty in this year’s monitoring exercise – coding the reports and using charts for visualization – allows the viewers to see the level of fulfilment of the standards in the countries where this was applied. Through the color depiction, viewers can easily distinguish areas where improvements are needed or where the environment in which civil society in the individual country operates is favorable. Next to each standard’s visualisation is a brief textual description with key facts and information enabling the readers to better understand the situation, without reading the detailed reports.

This change in the methodology (the coding exercise) aims to address the need for standardization of quality of the country reports and to enable compressed and effective visual communication of findings and systematic presentation of changes in the enabling environment for CSDev on the level of standards across countries and years.

Although some of the reports do not have such visualization yet, all seven Monitoring Matrix reports are available on the platform with their full content, following the same structure and level of details as the ones from previous years.

For more information on all reports, their national presentations and the trends in the enabling environment in Enlargement countries visit

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