CfA: Social Value Matters 2017 , 10-11 April, Istanbul

CfA: ECI Day 2017: I Participate!, 11 April, Brussels, (Deadline: 05.04.2017)
March 14, 2017
CfP: Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Kosovo (Deadline: 25.04.2017)
March 14, 2017

This years’ conference is being held against a backdrop of increasing inequality and global uncertainty. Social Value International ‘s vision is a world where decision making, ways of working and resource allocation are based on the principles of accounting for value leading to increased equality and well-being and reduced environmental degradation. This year, the focus will be on what needs to happen to amplify stakeholder voices in order to inspire change and maximise social value to the point that equality does improve, and how social impact data is used to drive innovation and ensure stakeholder involvement in service design. The conference will be held in Istanbul in partnership with Koç University Social Impact Forum, and it will take place on 10 and 10 April, 2017. More information is available here.

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