Kosovo Online Platform for Public Consultation Launched

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February 28, 2017
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March 14, 2017

Kosovo, in its latest endeavor to further improve the inclusion of civil society in public decision making, has launched a new online platform for Consultation with the Public. The promotion of said platform was held on 22th February in Prishtina. Through this online platform the Kosovo government will seek to facilitate the communication between the ministries and agencies of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo with the public, civil society organizations and other relevant partners in the policy and decision making process. It will do so by allowing the public and stakeholders to express their interest to participate in consultations. The public and stakeholders can express their interest by identifying every governmental unit, respectively each draft proposal in which they are interested to participate in the public consultation process. After the consultations, reports of the line ministries and respective agencies on consultations’ results will be published together with reasons for not accepting certain contributions. More information is Albanian is available here.

Source: Office of Good Governance

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