BiEPAG Publication: Poverty in the Balkans

Corruption and the Council of Europe
January 31, 2017
EC Conducts Public Consultations for the Midterm Review on the External Financing Instruments of the European Union
February 14, 2017

Poverty is a very sensitive and challenging issue in many countries. In the post-war Balkans context, poverty is also a major problem for security and relations between communities. About 25% of the population of Albania live with less than USD 2 per day. According to the World Bank, more than 15% of the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina are living under the poverty line. Despite being an EU member, Croatia is confronted with acute poverty problems – poor represent about one fifth of the population. Poverty is a widespread phenomenon in Kosovo, affecting 30% of the population. One third of the population of Macedonia lives in poverty. Less than 10% of the population of Montenegro lives in poverty and one fourth of the population of Serbia is seen as poor. More information is available here.

Source: BiEPAG

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