Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation Outcome Document, the Way Forward

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December 15, 2016
Global Standard for CSO Accountability Meeting Held in Uganda
December 15, 2016

 In Nairobi, Kenya, the second high level meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, a broad-sweeping agenda generated a renewed sense of energy for delivering on commitments. The meeting saw stakeholders from across the development sector — governments, civil society, trade unions, parliamentarians, foundations, business and many more — come together to take stock of progress in implementing the commitments and promises made on aid and development effectiveness in the last 15 years. These cover everything from improving aid transparency to improving the ownership of development by people and governments in developing countries. All things about how to do aid and development better, smarter and more efficiently — how to ensure aid and other forms of development cooperation are more effective and better value for money. It is an ambitious agenda, but one that is key to achieving the equally ambitious global development goals. Beyond the top-line takeaways, detailed in the Nairobi outcome document, at the Civil Society Forum, delegates from civil society organizations jointly discussed their positions and messages, as well as the key requirements of CSOs worldwide. They were incorporated in a document that emerged at the end of the conference as a guideline for effective development assistance. Read the full document here.

Source: Davex, MCIC

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