HLM2 Kenya: Civil Society Standing Up for Civic Space and Enabling Environment As Imperative for Effective Development Cooperation

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December 1, 2016
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December 1, 2016

The Second High-Level Meeting (HLM2) of the Global Partnership, which is taking place on 1st-2nd December in Nairobi, Kenya marks an important moment in global efforts to leave no one behind. As part of the HLM2 meeting, and as a official CSO platform engaging in GPEDC The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness – CPDE prepared a separate reaction to the Results of the GPEDC 2nd Progress Report which you can access here and CPDE Advocacy Toolkit contains CPDE main positions and provides evidence/arguments on the key issues of the HLM2. Moreover, 400 representative bodies from CSOs across the globe have produced CSO imperatives for a successful outcome document, which puts emphasis on the need to protect and support civic space and enabling environment for CSOs to be effective development actors. BCSDN has worked with FOND, European Secretariat of CPDE and requested to Nairobi meeting for Balkan sub-region to have its own representative in CPDE, thus increasing the contribution and experience of Balkan civil society in its activities. More information is available here.

Source: HLM2 Nairobi

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