Albania: Revisiting the 2013 Agenda for An Enabling Environment for Civil Society

Going Beyond the Form and Structure, Investing in Critical and Strategic Civil Society Initiatives – BCSDN Analysis of the Annual Reports and EC Enlargement Strategy 2016
November 28, 2016
Worrying Threats Towards Civil Society in Macedonia Increased and Intensified
December 30, 2016

On 25th November, IDM organized a roundtable entitled “Revisiting 2013 Agenda for an enabling environment for civil society”, which evaluated the 2013-2016 experience of addressing the priorities agreed between the Government and CSOs in the country in December 2013 for improving the enabling environment for civil society. The discussions held looked at opportunities and needs to contextualize civil society development discourse beyond “optimum” standards for involvement, influence and impact on EU accession negotiations and other broader development processes in Albania. EU Delegation in Albania Head of Cooperation, Yngve Engstroem, highlighted that everyone benefits when civil society is strong, proactive and independent. “Democratic governments know they are stronger when they listen to you. There will be increased EU support on reform processes in the country however it must be followed by increased responsibility of both the government and the civil society group.”

Source: IDM

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