Turkey’s Latest Crackdown on Civil Society Targets Advocates of Human Rights and Social Justice

MCIC issued the Comparative Analysis of Systems of Public Funding of CSOs
November 14, 2016
Reinvigorating the Need for Public Institutions-CSO Cooperation in BiH
November 15, 2016

Among the 370 more associations that Turkey’s government has recently taken a decision on to suspend in reference to a state of emergency are the country’s some of the most active and influential civil society institutions that have been an advocate of rule of law, human rights, and social justice and peace.
Giving reference to the 11th article of the current state of emergency law, the ministry stated that the institutions were banned from carrying out their activities ‘in order for public security to be protected’ as ‘their activities were found to be threatening to national security.’ More information is available here.

Source: BirGün

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